There are many types of Twilight fans. Some are nice, reasonable people... some are a bit weird... many are past borderline creepy... and a whole lot are HOLYSHITWHATTHEHELLCRAWLEDUPAPENGQUINSASSANDDIEDANDHADYOUASADEMONBABY fangirls. This is the anti's survival guide to each unique type, from the mildest to the ones that will stomp on a little girl's goldfish.

Sane Fans Edit

Sane Twilight fans are a very valued treasure. These are the people who either kind of like Twilight or think it's a good bathroom read. They often will make appearances on the /ts/ forums, willing to hear the anti-viewpoint regarding the series. Sometimes, these lovely people will even join in on some of the lulz, and more often than not agree with many of the things the antis say regarding Twilight's fail... most of the time, these fans (after spending some time on /ts/) eventually convert, anyway, seeing as they were never gripped in the evil clutches of SMeyer's brainwashing-fun-time. Some examples of this include Derek and Emily... you may or may not know who they are, but they're very fun people who enjoy Twilight and our lulz.

Smart Fans Edit

These fans are often one in the same with the Sane fans, but they tend to like Twilight more. These are the guys who are eager to defend their love of the series, and defend it intelligently and respectfully. It's always fun to have a Smart fan come onto the boards and debate... after all, we love debate, and how can you debate against people on your same side?

Ditzes Edit

Just what it implies. These fans often love Twilight just because everybody else does, and they're too dumbed-down to even see that it has no plot. Often, they say really stupid things about the books that obviously displays that they skimmed over them for the sake of saying they read a book over 300 pages long. The good thing about these guys is that they can give you your daily lulz.

Trolls Edit

Fan trolls are often fail. They don't do it right. Instead of trolling purely for the lulz, they make the mistake of mixing their own stupidity in with their troll-posts, making multiple antis roll their eyes and just post numerous "..." and "GTFO Troll" replies to their threads, hoping that a mod will come and use the ban!hamma.

Moral Fags Edit

The self-named saints, coming to tell us that we're being mean and insensitive to Stephenie Meyer and fans of her books. Eyerollin and lulz ensues.

Butthurt Pansies Edit

Twitards who come on, promising to be reasonable, then getting all butthurt at the first comment made against Twilight. Really, now.

Twimoms Edit

Usually the same as "Butthurt Pansies" although they can also be put into any of the other groups too (except Insane Fanboys for...obvious reasons.) Twimoms are usually 30-40 years old, have a husband and have little twitards for kids. However, there is the occasional Twimom who's son/daughter is an anti. These rare breed of antis are accepted with open arms to the /ts/ community as they usually have a tragic story to tell, such as being forced to read Twishite and often have twitards for brothers/sisters.

Insane Fanboys Edit

This is just creepy. 'Nuff said.

Rabid Fangirls/Twazis Edit

RIP Mopsy and Pudding.

They will kill pets and even humans in the name of Cullenism, while wielding their burning body-glitter.