Wham Bam I Am! Jam (formerly known as Ichimoku Ren) is a member on the Twilight Sucks forums.

History of Jam:Edit

Originally a lurker of the first forums, she first joined the site on the second version. She's never really been known in any of the topics, except for perhaps the Vampire Academy thread where she's made her opinion on the character Lissa quite clear.

Sided with the ponies in the Pony vs. Mecha "war."

The User of Jam:Edit

As evidenced by the Hetalia thread stalking following, she is a fan of the series Axis Powers Hetalia and apparently likes to lurk in the Hetalia fanfiction archive on Fanfiction.

Has mentioned a sister a lot on the Vent Station. Whether or not that sister is part iof the forum as well is a mystery. Claims to be in Prussia but has recently relocated to the United Kingdom from Australia. She's also quite fond of her cat.