Wraithsoldier and the Fucking Mess. Edit

Wraithsoldier (You mean WraithSHITTER, amirite?) was originally a semi-jackass guy who really had nothing positive to say about anyone besides...nothing, really. Everyone tolerated him because he was a member, and all was calm besides the occasional pissing the person off. Like that unfunny time he chewed someone out for venting in the Vent Station.

But other than that, nothing big happened, really. And it seemed Wraithshitter wasn't such a bad person after all...
His ancestor

Judas Iscariot: Wraithshitter's ancestor. That could explain his loyalty...or lack of it.

Until he got the pure 'Asshole' status with his constant BAWWWWWWWWing about Nyx's revenge on her cousin. Though it was none of his problems or his life AT ALL, he decided to be a hypocritical doucebag for some reason. First by congratulating her in a private e-mail, and then try to start a fucking witch hunt on her when she wasn't there to defend herself from it.

Five seconds later, he started the bitch fit.

He said in his post, that we should, for the sake of our 'reputation', blacklist her from the site and ourselves.

Almost instantly, people came up to her defense, the likes of N and Blonde Guardian, pointing out that it wasn't fair to do that to her. Wraithshitter just came back with the same excuses again and again, even after they were debunked. This shows how stubborn he was and not in a good way. Especially when he was determined to try and get rid of Nyx when it didn't do anything to him at all.

After some spamming, more retarded members that don't have 'loyalty' in their dictionaries at all, and the birth of '/ts/' thanks to N, the war finally died. Though it was considered the worst show of Anti-Twilight behavior.

2009-06-09 22-29 Twilight Sucks Forum

Trufax, B.G. Trufax...

2009-06-09 22-28 Twilight Sucks Forum

Over-all poll of the thread. Why is the result no surprise?

Leaving the /ts/ forums...FOREVAR!!1111!!! Edit

In the end, it all mellowed down, but he was constantly pissed that the topic kept getting posted, letting others see his dick move against Nyx. So, he threatened to dekarma the next person who did so till the person's karma was in the negative. The next person was veryweridgirly, who did it for 'TEH LULZ'.

After that, more people posted to either to make sure Shitter didn't actually do it/tell him off for his bad attitude/for the 'TEH LULZ' themselves. To no one's surprise, he flipped out
His oh-so-charming 'I'm LEEVING

You gotta love this guy's maturity!

and left yet another long post about him being angry at how the others were acting and how he's leaving the forums for life now thank to them.

No one really cared, and just continued to spam.

Back...and he's an insult of an Atheist, apparently. Edit

Like the above says, he came back under a new name, a guest account of all things. The topic was about this other troll, iamrichard, and his fucked up ramblings as well. Wraitshitter, or 'Centurion' as he went, started to talk about a subject that wasn't related to the thread in any way..

"Okay? You know what? I wasn't going to point fingers, but you want to call out guests who are going to post for maybe, five minutes, then leave? Okay, let's start with you, the elitist prick I was talking about.
In a thread way back about religion, you defended your religion admirably, but what were you expecting? A reward from the pope or your nearest priest? Fuck you, man, just fuck you. Your case was founded on speaking down to people and nothing else - and while I might add - bashing another religion in the process so you pretty much through your own damn point out the window, plus to you stating the Catholics and Christians are separate.
It is the same damn thing with multiple faces, only slightly tweaked for different needs. So, on top of being a total blatant ripoff of the pagans, the only factual ACTUAL reason your religion became so mighty-fucking popular is because of an easy afterlife. Which might not even happen, you'll probably get a black screen, feel your body decompose, or any number of good or bad things.
But you know what? Faith, is faith, however when you shoot yourself in the foot and insult someone over said faith you take things to far, but you? Oh fucker, you deserve this more then anyone else on the site.
Tell me? What is the point of eggs in easter? Or the rabbit for that matter? Huh? Huh? I'd like to hear it, really I would.
Whatever you do, I hope you finally up and ban me this time. <---[Writer of the article: ASKING FOR IT, WHORE.]
But before you do, here's a going away present and food for thought for all the people who are undoubtedly going to suck up to your fatass for having a red name and some extra controls.
The Christian/Catholic Christmas is a blatant ripoff of the Pagan Yule, trufax
The Christian/Catholic Easter is a blatant ripoff of the Wicca Ostara, trufax
So really, the only original concept in your whole damn belief is the concept of heaven and hell - and even that's a stretch, but oh the system of getting into one or the other is pretty damn easily abused because all you have to do is pray and apologize and all is well, face it.
Scapegoat "
- Wraithsoldier responding to Zax's simple 'Oh, look. It's the butthurt Wraithsoldier'''. Srsly.

After that, a LOT of people came and reply to Shitter's post. And he ran away after the post above was posted. The most well recieved rebuttal reply is made from You, another member of the site.

"Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay? I get what you're saying about the not reading threads part, but hell, when something is eight pages long do you really expect us to take our time to read it? And so what if it's resolve? We can still comment on it. If you don't want comments, then ask an administrator to lock your post or something.
Please don't lie to us- we've all been hypocrites before. We were all retarded at least once in our lives, and we were all ignorant too despite what you think of yourself. In fact, I see you being all three by posting what you've posted, and by responding to you, I'm being all three too. But I'm going to continue anyway.
If Twilight faded away, we'll all have a nice e-party here on Twilightsucks that will last for days and go on with our lives leaving each other in tears. That is until something else that sucks as much comes up.
We are a critique site, but did we say we're a nice critique site? I don't remember anyone ever saying that. Critique means critique, when you criticize something, you tear it apart and analyze it piece by piece. You complain over small details and all the things that nag you as well as all those noticeable big things along with anything that has to do with it. What do you think we do? Write boring book reports on it and post it here? Of course not. If we do something, we do it the fun way.
And we should only complain about big stuff that happened? I don't think so.
Thank for stopping by Asshole! And for the info, no I didn't read through the whole thread yet. I just stopped by yours! XD
Another note, you're an Atheist too? People, this just proved my theory about why we Atheist are not a group, but individuals who share only one common belief- not believing in God. Please do not mash me together with this dude. "
-You's reply.

Where is he now? Edit

No one really knows, and again, no one really cares.