The Yogurt Revenge is one of the few(if not the only) threads in Fangirl Encounters in which the Anti is the verifiable aggressor. That didn't, however, stop it from becoming [Paul Fetch voice]Truly Epic Lulz[/Paul Fetch voice].

The BeginningEdit

It all started when Nyxbel Hawthorne reports a fangirl poisoning her yogurt via insertion of saliva into said container, due to the reason that Nyx had expressed her distaste towards Twilight. Simply said, that bitch spit in her food because she didn't like Twilight. Needless to say, Nyxbel wasn't a happy Anti-Twilighter.

This was then posted on Fangirl Encounters, where a few users gave input on as how revenge shall be wrought. It then turned into a poll, with some of our seasoned revenge engineers of the day (Rorscach(then V), Kat, among others) Kat's idea of taking a Twilight book, ripping its pages out, and pasting them in on the wall with disturbing messages painted on each individual page won out.

The Revenge ItselfEdit

Nyx choose Kat's suggestion, used it, and told us of the LULZ in her lovely thread here. The operation was executed with utmost stealth, the complexity of which can only be applauded.


The Twidiot in question, after coming home, came to a nasty surprise: Nyx and her assistant had plastered a limited edition Twilight copy autographed by Stephenie Meyer herself over the wall, pages torn out, and each with a almost cult-like message hand-painted in red paint. Naturally, thinking the Twidiot did this, her parents flipped, took Twilight away from her, and sent her to therapy. I shit thee not. Her grandmother even encouraged people to pray for her, due to one page that had "BETTER THAN GOD" painted on it.

It was all fun and jollies, giving Nyxbel Karma and blah, until a Moral Faggot, Read: Wraithshitter, went 'OMG UR EVEEIL!!11!!!11' against her in a tl;dr post that consisted of a opinion that no one cared for. But thanks to his bitching, more Moral Faggots came out of the woods, giving out their own bitching at Nyxie as well as though what she did was horrible like kill the Jews hurt Dusty the Cat.

This spanned out to a fucking FIFTY-SEVEN page thread, with butthurt and laughs, until someone had to close the thread when it was considered WAY TOO MUCH.


Wraithsoldier5somethingsomething gained infamy forever from this . Stating that we should get rid of Nyx, just because he said so and it was for our 'e-rap'. A good majority of the people said 'GTFO' against him several times over the span of twenty-seven posts. He really didn't get the message until they had to give him good old surprise buttsecks no one was THAT desperate! a good scream in the fucking ear.

The fight ended at twenty-three. But then Nyxbel found the thread, and got REAL pissed against Shitter? Why? Because, like mentioned, he sent her an e-mail, applauding her for it, and then tried to get her kicked off the net. She gave the evidence, a lot of people were disgusted, Shitterbitch ran for the hills.
His oh-so-charming 'I'm LEEVING

This is, surprinsgly, his funniest post yet.

But the challenger came back, trying to act all chummy-chummy with the others, but finally showed his true side, Read: Douchebag Fucker, when people kept bumping up his shitty thread. Letting newfags show what he tried to do. He eventually made threats of dekarmaing, no one gave a damn and kept posting. He finally threw a bitch fit, gave a picture of two hands giving the finger cause he was that cool, and left.


Ohhh, busted!

People continued to spam his thread, and got bored and left it alone. much for a challenger.