Legend of zorro ver1

Not to be confused with Antonio Banderas.

Z-Wolf the great is your average forum-goer, most often seen lurking about the Artist's Venue and Vent Station boards. She prefers to be called "Z", as her username is old and reminds her of her animu beginnings on the net. Why she doesn't just drop the offending monicker altogether is a mystery.

/TS/ Member and All-Around Nerd Edit

Z is a friendly user who is always open for a chat about pretty much anything. She is also available to critique any artwork you'd like to show her; just drop her a PM and she will do her best to help you out! She herself is a freelance artist and amateur novelist; her work can be found all around the web: Z on deviantART, y!gallery (must be 18 to join), and FurAffinity (but fear not, she is no furry). Oh, plus she also draws some gay webcomic.

It should also be mentioned that Z has an e-crush on the elite N, although it is more of an awestruck admiration of his trolling skills than anything.